Mac 10 Parts

MAC-10 .45/9MM Extractors

The rule of scarcity says that the scarcer any given thing is, the more expensive it becomes and this is true of these extractors. As near as we can tell this is the ONLY remaining stock in the world of these hard-to-find cast bolt MAC-10 .45/9MM cal. extractors. Get’em now while you still can. There are no more! Up for grabs in this listing are extractors for the .45 Cal. and 9MM MAC-10, the SWD and RPB versions, both semi and full-auto OPEN BOLT firearms, as well as a few of the early Cobray MACS built from spare parts which use the CAST bolt and the round shank extractor. These extractors are made of unobtainium and are nearly extinct because there has been no production in about 30 years. These have been in storage since 1990-1991 and may show finish imperfections but are new, have never been installed, and are original Powder Springs production. As with ALL extractors of this type, minor fitting and adjustments may be necessary. These extractors will NOT fit any version of the MAC-10 using a machined bolt or ANY CLOSED BOLT type! Various companies have promised that these would be back in stock but they seem never to materialize so get’em while the getting’s good!

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