Replacement Parts

MAC-10 .45/9MM Extractors

“Get your hands on the rarest MAC-10 extractors on the market. Our stock includes extractors for the .45 Cal and 9MM MAC-10, SWD, RPB versions, and early Cobray MACS built from spare parts. These extractors are made of unobtainium and are nearly extinct due to the absence of production for the last 30 years. They have been in storage since 1990-1991 and may show minor cosmetic imperfections, but are new, have never been installed and are original Powder Springs production. As with all extractors of this type, minor fitting and adjustments may be necessary.

Please note that these extractors will only fit OPEN BOLT firearms and will not work with any version of the MAC-10 using a machined bolt or ANY CLOSED BOLT type. Various companies have promised that these would be back in stock, but they seem never to materialize so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Get your hands on the last remaining stock of these hard-to-find cast bolt MAC-10 .45/9MM cal extractors while you still can.”