M-11/9 Machine Gun Replacement Sideplates

M-11/9 Machine Gun Replacement Sideplates RPB, Cobray, SWD, Powder Springs

Over the years several manufacturers and thousands of individuals built M-11/9 style transferable subguns with three-piece frames and now after many years of use the sideplates are battered and worn with elongated holes and some even warped.

These sideplates were designed to remedy any such issues found on older guns.

Manufactured from 14 gauge mild steel and to.005″ tolerance with all holes accurately placed and precision jig drilled to the correct size, we at Inetoutcomes believe we can say a that these are the best aftermarket sideplates ever manufacutured.

Designed to fit the ubiquitous and popular two-tab center section, photo of which is shown for reference. They can also be easily made to fit the two types of non-tab center sections which are out there.

These sideplates are intended only for lawful use by such persons as may be authorized by law.

These sideplates are also perfectly legal to possess or store for future use should the law change.

We do not provide instructions for their use, answer questions regarding their use, possess or sell center sections.