Drilling Fixtures

MAC-10 M10 Full Auto Drilling Fixture

MAC-10 M-10 Full Auto Drilling Fixture

In this listing is a precision made full auto drilling fixture. These are used to accurately locate the trigger pin and selector holes in the MAC-10 or M-10 style frames such as those built by SWD, RPB, Powder Springs, the old Midland, Texas company and others.

Made of 1/4″steel, flame and quench hardened, the guide holes in these fixtures are precision drilled in a special jig to ensure accuracy of location.

Not available for many years, we have put these fixtures into limited production so don’t waste any time, current supplies are limited!

With attaching bolt, washer, nut and instruction sheet.

These are the ONLY drilling fixtures being manufactured today which will work on BOTH open and closed bolt semiauto versions of the MAC-10; as both the selector and trigger pin holes are incorporated into the fixture!

(Some closed bolt semiauto guns may require welding shut and re-drilling the trigger pin hole due to interference, depending on location.)
Some local, state and federal regulations may apply to the use of this tool.